American Atheists National Convention 2019, Cincinnati Edition

Wet and Godless

American Atheists held their national convention the weekend of A[pril 19th and instead of having to drive/fly/swim to some faraway city I was able to use my magical influence to sway them to bring the shindig to the banks of the Ohio here in the Queen City. Ok… it was actually the hard work by folks at Tri-State Freethinkers other awesome local atheist activists who made a great weekend possible. I got to see some old friends, make new friends and learn a heck of a lot. And of course I took pictures. This post is mostly about the pictures. You can see the entire batch at this lovely Lightroom gallery.

I was the local ringer for Pub Trivia Night on Thursday
Met some incredible folks at the bar of the Hilton Netherland Plaza, an Art Deco treasure
Cincinnati’s newest activist group, Community of Reason
Kelley Freeman of NARAL Pro Choice Ohio sporting nifty new wheel s for the occasion
We gathered on Fountain. Square to rally the troops and freeze to death…
Podcaster and Starfleet Academy Graduate Callie Wright was our MC for the weekend…
American Atheists President Nick Fish, Passionate Atheist, Blue Suit Afficianado…
Aron Ra with one of our few protesters, I missed the guys with the cross
Serious Mustache Game
One of many epic beards…
That is one happy blue haired atheist!
Josiah Mannion , the official photographer, catching all the action
Mandisa Thomas, Black Nonbeliever and Epic level hugger…
Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
I also did an interview with The Divide podcast, coming soon, it’s a bit rambling.
Monette Richards and Carl Tracy personing the Secular Woman table. Those are Kelley Freeman’s hands…
Kelley tired…
Stephanie Svan gave an incredibly good workshop on dealing with shame, an important skill for former believers. An ex-Catholic like myself learned a lot.
Josiah, noting that he is terrible at not noticing the photographer during his workshop on art as activism. It doesn’t help that I’m terrible at being a sneaky photographer like he is 😉
Much good cheer and or whiskey was consumed at the hotel’s amazing Art Deco bar. We tipped those folks well.

A great time was had by all and I cannot wait to do something like this again.

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